NEX Team Inc. Debuts with $4 Million in Funding and Launches HomeCourt, the First AI-Powered Basketball Training App

San Jose, California (July 17, 2018) -  NEX Team Inc., a mobile artificial intelligence company comprised of seasoned, former Apple, Google, and Facebook engineers and second-time entrepreneurs, announced today the launch of HomeCourt, a basketball training App that uses the latest mobile Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to record, track, and chart shots for basketball players in real time. The company is also announcing the completion of a $4 million seed round investment from investors that include Mark Cuban, Steve Nash, Jeremy Lin, Sam Hinkie, Dani Reiss, Charmides Capital and Mandra Capital.

“Our team is incredibly passionate about basketball, and until now, there’s been no easy way for basketball players to track their training and progress,” said David Lee, Co-Founder and CEO of NEX Team Inc. “We’re thrilled to combine the latest in AI and computer vision technologies to bring utility and joy to basketball. We are also excited that the core technologies we developed can power many applications, not just for basketball, but a host of other potential sports, fitness verticals, and beyond.”

Starting now, basketball players around the world can take advantage of HomeCourt — a player development app that already has users from over 1,000 cities, all 50 states, and over 50 countries using the app to track their development. Players, professional trainers, and teams across all levels of basketball have actively used HomeCourt during this early access period, including NBA teams, Duke, Stanford, Florida, and Archbishop Mitty High School.

“As a professional athlete, I understand how important it is to get the most out of practice time,” said Steve Nash, two-time MVP, Hall of Famer and a HomeCourt Investor and Advisor. “HomeCourt truly democratizes the sport and brings advanced training insights to any player that wants to improve their game, anytime, anywhere. Who knows, maybe the next Steph Curry is going to be discovered on HomeCourt instead of at an AAU tournament.”

By harnessing the latest in mobile, AI, and computer vision technologies, HomeCourt is able to digitize workouts for basketball players of all skill levels — turning the iPhone or iPad into a powerful companion for training. With HomeCourt, users get a professional-grade player development assistant that requires zero sensors, little setup, and no bulk. The app enables players to:

  • Record, track, and chart shots in real-time

  • Analyze real-time feedback on makes and misses

  • Review practice footage shot-by-shot and in slow motion to optimize performance and form

  • Share workouts and videos with their teammates and friends

  • Compete in challenges and get discovered on global leaderboards

“HomeCourt uses the best of AI and computer vision in a dead simple mobile app. All you need is a ball, a hoop, and a phone,” said Sam Hinkie, former President & GM of the Philadelphia 76ers. “The data it provides--shot charting and automated video editing -- is game changing and there is more to come in the future from NEX Team. HomeCourt is great for players that want to get better and care about their growth. This kind of immediate feedback will be catnip for players around the world”

“HomeCourt provides the platform for players to start working smarter,” said Jeremy Lin, point guard for the Atlanta Hawks. “Before, you would need a good friend or family member to chart and record everything you. HomeCourt does all of that and more. Not only can you review their own workout videos with instant stat analysis but also workouts from other players and engage interact with the broader basketball community through basketball on a device they have with them all the time.”

HomeCourt is a free download from the App Store for all iPhone and iPad users. Players can record up to 300 shots a month and compete in HomeCourt challenges for free. Players can also subscribe to the unlimited plan ($7.99 per month), and get unlimited shot tracking, recording, and video playback.


About NEX Team Inc.

NEX Team Inc. is a mobile Artificial Intelligence (AI) company started by a team of second-time entrepreneurs and former Apple engineers. NEX Team combines cutting edge mobile, AI, and computer vision technologies with deep community engagement experiences to transform sports for athletes worldwide. HomeCourt is the first application built with NEX Team’s core technologies.

Headquartered in San Jose, California and founded in 2017, the company has raised $4 million in seed funding. Investors include Mark Cuban, Steve Nash, Jeremy Lin, Sam Hinkie, Dani Reiss, and Mandra Capital.

About HomeCourt

HomeCourt is a AI-powered basketball training app and is the first application built with NEX Team’s core technologies. Using only your iPhone or iPad camera, HomeCourt can count, track, and chart basketball shots in real time while providing instant video playback and stats analysis. HomeCourt is a free download from the App Store.