Help every player
level up.
HomeCourt is a new way for camps to provide every player with fun, interactive experiences to help them reach their full potential.

your camp.

The most effective basketball camps keep players focused on core skills, while also encouraging fun and a competitive spirit. With interactive dribble drills, reaction training, agility training, and more, HomeCourt helps each player improve by making them feel like they’re playing a game. It’s like giving your players and your camp super powers.




Why HomeCourt for camps?


By integrating HomeCourt into your camp activities, you can up the level of play and also provide your players with real-time feedback that will help them improve their fundamentals.

✓ Keep all players engaged
✓ Maximize gym space
✓ Help players improve core skills
✓ Encourage fun competition
✓ Get real-time feedback
✓ Extend the experience beyond camp
simple to set up.
HomeCourt requires no sensors, specialized equipment, or technical expertise. Just an iPhone or iPad. HomeCourt even helps you maximize gym floor space by providing drills and activities that don’t require a basket.

drills for every skill.

With HomeCourt, you have a platform to integrate a wide variety of training drills and activities into your camp curriculum. Players at every level of skill will have fun while learning fundamentals they can build upon.

Ball Handling

Teach the fundamentals of dribbling and more advanced ball handling skills like hesitation and crossovers.

✓ Posture
✓ Hand-eye coordination
✓ Ball control
✓ Reaction time
✓ Intensity


Challenge players with interactive cones and hurdles to develop lateral quickness, reaction time, and speed.

✓ Lateral movement
✓ Explosiveness
✓ Reaction time
✓ Endurance
✓ Footwork


Capture shot-by-shot analytics for catch and shoot, off the dribble, layups, and free throws.

✓ Release angle
✓ Release time
✓ Speed
✓ Vertical
✓ Leg angle



tools they can take home.

By engaging players with HomeCourt you’ll get them familiar with a powerful app they can download on their own device and use outside of camp to continue their development at home. This is a valuable benefit post camp and also a great way to give build a virtual community around your camp.


Our team is here
for your team.

To learn more about how HomeCourt can integrate into your camp download the starter guide for camps and share it with your camp’s staff and coordinators. And if you’re ready to plan your rollout, reach out to HomeCourt for additional support.