Set up

What device(s) does HomeCourt work with?

To record workouts, please use one of the following devices:

  • iPhone 6s or newer
  • iPad Pro (model year 2016 or newer)
  • iPad (6th generation or newer)

You can use an iPhone 5s or later to view videos, data and stats.

Set up

Where should I position my device?

Position your device on a tripod/stand (we recommend either the tripod and mount or this phone stand) so that your device can see the player, backboard, and the entire 3PT line. We recommend positioning your device along the sideline near half court so that it has a great view of the basket and the entire 3PT line.

Set up

What are the ideal working conditions for HomeCourt AI?

HomeCourt’s mobile AI works in a wide variety of conditions, indoor and outdoor, with or without shooting machine, with or without passer and rebounder. However, Homecourt will work more accurately in the following conditions:

  • Indoor, well lit environment
  • Hoop with net
  • Court with clear court lines
  • 1 shooter (optional: 1 rebounder)
  • Ball with typical color
Set up

How do I change the court type?

You can change the court type by tapping on “Edit” on the top left of your profile and then tapping on “Court Type” under preferences.

Set up

Can HomeCourt track 3 point attempts even if there is no 3 point line?

Yes, HomeCourt can track 3 point attempts as long as we have clear vision of the basket and the position of the free throw line.

Set up

How do I change my player information, such as height and position?

You can change your player information by tapping on “Edit” on the top left of the profile and then making the changes under “Player Information”.

Sharing HomeCourt

How do I invite my friends/family/coach to join my HomeCourt Team?

  1. Invite the coach/friend to join HomeCourt.
  2. Tap on the Teams icon on the navigation bar
  3. Tap on “Invite” to send the link to the coach/friend.



Who can see my workouts?

1. Change privacy setting of your profile

It depends on your privacy settings. We have 3 privacy settings: Public, Team, and Private. 

  • Public – Anyone on HomeCourt can view your workouts and profile.
  • Team – Anyone on your chosen team(s) can view your workouts and profile.
  • Private – Only you can view your workouts and profile.


2. Change your privacy settings on specific workouts.

After you finish a workout, tap on the Settings (gear) button on the top right, then tap “Privacy” to change the privacy of the specific workout.


What can I do if my workout is inaccurate?

If your find your workout has inaccurate shot location or has inaccurate make/miss, please contact support@homecourt.ai and send the date and time of the workout you would like us to review.


How accurate is HomeCourt?

When the app is set up properly, our testing has shown HomeCourt to be highly accurate. We are constantly improving HomeCourt to be accurate in every basketball environment possible.