Getting Started

What are the system requirements?

  • iPhone 6s or newer, iPad Pro (model year 2016 or newer), or iPad (6th generation or newer)
  • iOS 11 or later

Running shot tracking on your device requires relatively recent hardware. For simply exploring the app, Homecourt only requires iPhone 5s or newer.

How do I setup HomeCourt for shot tracking?

(1) Use a tripod.

For HomeCourt to work, your iPhone needs to have a clear view of the hoop, the court and the shooter. Ideally, your iPhone needs to be about 5 feet above the ground to get a good view. A great way to achieve this is to use a tripod. We recommend the following:

(2) Setup the tripod in a good location.

Ideal locations to place tripod.



(3) Make sure your iPhone has a clear view.

The camera should always be able to see the player, the ball, the net and the 3 point line.

clear view image.jpg

What a clear view looks like.


(4) Tap “NEXT” and follow the onscreen instructions.

(5) Tap “START” and start shooting!

How do I use it with my team?

If you are planning to use HomeCourt with your team, we are building a wonderful experience for team use. Please get in touch by emailing to get your team set up.

How do I get support?

Please email us at .

What are the ideal working conditions for HomeCourt AI?

HomeCourt’s mobile AI works in a wide variety of conditions, indoor and outdoor, with or without shooting machine, with or without passer and rebounder. However, Homecourt will work more accurately in the following conditions:

  • Indoor, well lit environment

  • Hoop with net

  • Court with clear court lines

  • 1 shooter (optional: 1 rebounder)

  • Ball with typical color