What’s new in HomeCourt 2.8

Introducing Reaction Training

Now you can battle your friends in our new Reaction Training game. Designed to help you work on your hand eye coordination as you train to become a lockdown defender and dominant ball handler.

Hit the targets faster than your opponent and rack up points as you work on your reflexes. No need for a ball or hoop - all you need is a friend to get started.

Wilson Badge

Make 68 shots this month to unlock the exclusive Wilson Badge, which gives you 20% off your next purchase.

All-time stats in Profile

Now view your all-time stats in your Profile, including your total shots, hours and number of workouts, and see charts for your overall effort and performance by zone.

Easily share Dribble Workouts

We’ve added a Dribble Privacy setting so you can automatically share your Dribble Workouts with your friends and teammates, or set them to public and be discovered for your ball handling skills.

We’ve defaulted your Dribble Workouts to Private for now, so go to Profile > Edit > Dribble Privacy to update your settings when you’re ready to share.