What’s new in HomeCourt 2.15

New ball-handling drills

Improve your skills with both hands. Dribble high and low, in and out, and back and forth (V-Dribble), and see how fast you can hit the reps while staying under control. Come back again and again to beat your own best time and seriously improve your handles.


Easily invite your friends

Now you can invite friends and teammates from your contact list in a single action.

Optimized for iOS 13

HomeCourt 2.15 improves general compatibility with iOS13 and iPadOS.

Did you know?

HomeCourt can record multiple players in a shooting session from a single device! Before or after a workout, simply tap on your profile avatar and tag the players you’re playing with. HomeCourt will automatically separate and assign shots from different players to their individual profiles. Each player gets an update in their feed just like a workout captured on their own device.