What’s new in HomeCourt 2.10

Introducing Agility Drills with AR

Ground-breaking new agility drills use augmented reality (AR) and virtual objects like hurdles and cones, rendered in real-time right on your iPhone or iPad, to help accelerate your game. These fun and interactive drills can be done just about anywhere (no court required) and can increase your reaction time, help you stay low, and give you an explosive edge over the competition.

Enhanced User Interface

The record tab is now “Train”, which has an all-new visual design for even better discovery of drills and training content. The explore tab is now “Play”, providing quick access to the HomeCourt global community—including contests, the Hall of Fame and more.

More Enhancements and Refinements

New smart notifications are better tailored to your level of engagement. Interactive tutorials help you more easily set up recording and camera placement. And you can now see all the badges you’ve earned after a shooting workout.